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Every Thursday evening:

Chicken-light-dinner in the Inn

Soup of the day

Grilled spring chicken with salad and herb dressing 16,- EUR



Menu in the Inn

 – You can choose from our à la carte menu

    3 course meal 38,- EUR

    2 course meal 29,- EUR

    Main course 22,- EUR





* <<Autumn salad>> with sweet sour plums, venison sausages and curry popcorn

* << Prawn >> guacamole, apricot chutney and radish

* Creme soup << pumkin and coconut >> ginger and meatball

* << Lamb´s lettuce>> with beetroot, goat cheese

  and sharp walnuts




*Veal steak with cep << a la crème >> vegetables and almond croquette (+2€)

*Ox meat <<sea radish sauce>> cranberries and fried potatoes

*Ragout from venision, with beans-pear vegetables

  and ,,Spätzle’’

* <<Dorade Royal>> roasted on the skin with potato risotto and creamed spinach (+4€ )




*Crème brûlée with raspberry cream and sesame cracker

*<< Schwarzwald - Marie >> with chocolate biscuit,

vanilla foam, cherry sorbet and brandy cherries

*<< Chocolate pizza>> with passion fruit sorbet

*<< Stuffed plumps>> with walnut brittle ice cream


* 3 Course Vegi-Menu 33,- EUR


Grill, classics and snacks in the Country Inn 

* Gourmet salad with Aioli sauce and roasted prwans or stripes of rumpsteak • 17,- EUR

* US Prime Beef Black Angus steak 350g • 39,-EUR 

* "Wiener Schnitzel" from veal  • 20,- EUR

* Poussin from the grill with tartare sauce  • 17,- EUR

* Wagyu - Beef Burger with tomato, bacon, cheese and 16,- EUR

* Venison sausage with two different curries  • 9,- EUR   


   BBQ-potatoes • 5,- EUR     

   fresh green salad • 6,- EUR

   traditional vegetables • 6,- EUR

   French Fries • 5,- EUR

   Sweet Potato fries • 5,- EUR


* ADLER-Fish soup with pastry bonnet • 19,- EUR

* ADLER-Fish platter served with herb spaghettini • 34,- EUR